Beverly Smith & John Grimm
John Grimm and Beverly Smith live in the mountains of North Georgia in the beautiful little town of Dahlonega, in Lumpkin County. For the past 25 years, John has owned and operated the towns music store, Vintage Music, while Beverly toured the world in various band configurations. Since 2010 John and Beverly have been performing together at festivals, concerts, workshops and dances across the country and abroad. Their performances feature traditional country duets, fiddle tunes and originals.   They choose their songs well;  their traditional songs and tunes reveal a deep familiarity with and great love for the genre. From archaic banjo and haunting fiddle tunes to raucous hillbilly singing and aching ballads they display an ease that sounds nothing but genuine.

Track listing:

1- Rocky Road to Dublin, 2- East Virginia #2, 3- Camp Chase, 4-Bonnie Bess, 5- White Creek/ Grey Eagle, 6- Last Gold Dollar, 7- Jaybird in a High Oak Tree, 8- Praise the Lord  (Salvation Has Been Brought Down), 9- Young Edward, 10 -Ask That Pretty Gal to be My Wife / Hooker‘s Hornpipe, 11- High and Dry, 12- Burt Anderson, 13- My Old Pal of Yesterday, 14- Paddy on the Turnpike, 15- For the Sake of Days Gone By

December 6 2015 

Greetings!  We ha

View from our window

ve been back from Europe a few weeks now.   It's become a regular thing to spend October in Spain and the UK and this year we ventured over to  Mallorca and up to Scotland.  We had made the acquaintance of a wonderful Welsh fiddler and his Mallorcan wife and family and were able to spend nearly a week with them soaking up the gorgeous Spanish coast, snorkeling, eating, and playing old time music every night.  No complaints.  Then on to teaching at Kate Lissauer's fabulous  La Fuente De Musica for a week of swimming, eating, teaching, more eating and playing old time music every night.  You get the picture.  Kate and Johnny know how to throw a party and we are grateful to have been able to be a part of that community.   

From Spain we traveled to the UK for a three week tour.  It can be exhausting but we both love touring.  We love playing every night and getting the show tight, visiting our dear old friends, meeting new folks, and experiencing the wonders of Britain.  Not to mention the beer.    We are feeling pretty lucky.

The big news now that we are back is that we finished our CD.  Yes!  We had hoped to have had it ready for the UK tour but that just didn't happen so we got on it as soon as we could.    We recorded it ourselves at  the Vintage Music Store and John painstakingly edited and mastered it.   A labor of love for sure.  A couple CD release parties and then we will kick back for the holidays till we start touring again in February.  A trip to Florida is looking pretty nice right abut now and we are setting up a couple weeks of concert and workshops.  Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and that the coming holidays bring you joy and peace.  Much love, John and Beverly

May 29 2015 

Greetings from Denver, Colorado!  We are on our way back east finishing up over a month of touring across the country.  What an incredible trip!  Neither of us had seen the Grand Canyon or spent much time in the Southwest and we were awestruck. California was as beautiful as ever and so much fun.   Please check out some of our pictures on the photo page.  Big thanks to Joyce and Jim Cauthen and the folks in Birmingham Al; Carole Anne Rose; Barbara Yuill and the Oklahoma City Traditional Music Association; Judy Muldawer and Apple Mountain Music in Albuquerque, NM; Bill Bussmann and Old Wave Mandolins; Carolyn Camp; Jim and Amber Mueller; David Bragger, the Tiki Parlour and the LA Old Time Social; Daniel Steinberg; Bill Wagman; David Bunn and the Deep End Sessions; Michael Shepard, Carole and Richard Mannis in Las Vegas;  Larry Edleman and the folks at Victor Guitars, Denver Colorado.   We love you and hope to see you again.  We can't thank you all enough.

We are now on our way to Mt Airy and can't wait to play some music with you all!  Then to Mars Hill Blue Ridge Music Camp where Beverly is teaching guitar and John running the music store.  Then we are home for  bit!  Both of us will be teaching at the Georgia Pick and Bow Summer Camp, a great program in North Georgia that mentors school children in old time and bluegrass music.  Our fall plans include another week of teaching in Spain at the fantastic and wonderful La Fuente de Musica .  If you ever fancied a week on old time music near the Mediterranean, great food, swimming, hiking and exploring Andalucia come on!   Plans for an October tour in the UK are still developing.  Please check our calendar page for updates.    We are still reeling from the excitement around the LA times article.  It is so great to see house concerts getting some well deserved attention. It's what keeps us on the road, happy to be touring and making music for you all.  Thanks for helping us do just that.   Love and Peace Beverly and John